Demi Moore Lose Weight Tips

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Demi Moore Lose Weight Tips – the first step toward vegetarianism. The components of the diet : vegetables, fruits, nuts, juices, dried fruit, spices and herbs.

The main rule of Demi Moore diet – approximately 75% of the products you need to eat raw. Eggs and fish are permitted, but not every day. Every morning should start with a glass of warm water. The basis of the diet should be fruits and vegetables, mostly raw.

Demi Moore diet menu for one day

Breakfast: Fresh fruit salad, which add a handful of almonds, sprouted wheat, pumpkin seeds, then drink a glass of skim milk.

Lunch: Cabbage salad, peppers, tomatoes, onions, parsley, which added a handful of lentils and fill with olive oil.

Dinner: Vegetable soup, cheddar cheese, a handful of sunflower seeds, a cup of raspberries.

Drinks during the day: Water and fresh fruit juices.

Cons: Not everyone can eat raw foods, especially meat and fish. You may have problems with digestion. Bread and rolls with such a diet in general is impossible.
Pros: No need to cook anything.

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