'Falling Man' Photographer Richard Drew's 9/11 Photography (PHOTOS)

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man jumping from world trade center
Richard Drew's so-called 'Falling Man' image, which depicted a man jumping to his death from North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, has been viewed from many angles. It was first circulated as a piece of photojournalism, then quietly repressed as some commentators found it too painful to address, and finally accepted as a piece of American photographic history.

But for all the perspectives applied to it, the photo, which has now inspired a film, a book and a particularly outstanding essay, was not the only shot Drew took that day.

In the slideshow below, we present a selection of Drew's photography from the September 11 attacks and the relief efforts that followed. He captures various aspects of the event, framing the actual attacks, the evacuees, the fire department and, of course, the victims. Not all of the shots are as serendipitously composed as "Falling Man" but all display a calmness and even-handedness that can perhaps be attributed to Drew's decades of work as an AP photographer. For some of Drew's own perspectives on the attacks and his documentation of them. Source : www.huffingtonpost.com

Other pictures : man jumping from world trade center
trade september 11th

man jumping from twin towers

people jumping from twin towers

man jumping from world trade center

pictures 9/11 wtc jump

man jumping from wtc

jumping from world trade center

the man jumping from world trade center

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RJ said...

Not so innocent taxpayers falling to their death caused by illegal occupation by their military which they fund around the world... Partaking in a Capitalist job and paying American taxes made them guilty.. This is the same mentality Americans apply to other nations around the world. If a "terrorist" is in a village, they bomb and kill everybody in the village... This same mentality was applied on 9/11 obviously..

schreck said...

RJ your a fucking dirtbag. If i ever met you face to face I'd beat your ass into next year. not just for my pleasure but for everyone who knew someone that died that day. rot in hell scum bag

ScaryTruth said...

Most Americans pay little if any attention to what their government does in pursuit of American interests -- especially in the middle east.
The meddling, the coercion, the bribery and backstabbing.
America's blind support of Israel, as the Zionist state pounds the Palestinian people into oblivion while methodically and steadily stealing their land, provoking immeasurable hatred from the Arab world.
It's going on today -- right now.
And US taxpayers cough up 5 billion USD a year to the Israeli terrorist state -- about $500 for every Israeli man, woman and child.
How many Americans object?
Answer: Very few, because most Americans are unaware.
How many Americans are aware of the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected president of Iran -- by American CIA instigators?
Answer: Not many. And don't dare remind them.
How many remember the "Shah of Iran", a man hand-picked by the US to rule Iran for the next 26 years -- brutalizing his own people in ways that made Saddam Hussein look like a boy scout?
Answer: Not many. And don't dare remind them.
How many Americans would think that such a thing wouldn't leave deep and bitter scars among the Iranian people?
How many remember the 1979 Iranian revolt, when the US embassy was commandeered by Iranian students?
Answer: Not many. And don't dare remind them.
They have no clue. The shear arrogance won't allow it.
Many Americans are blissfully ignorant, waving the American flag with shouts of "USA! USA! USA!, when they have absolutely no clue -- and they don't want to be bothered with pesky details.
That might interfere with the meaningless sporting contests they watch, Dancing with the Stars or celebrity obsessions.
And for goodness sake, don't forget to bring the beer.

torresongs said...

These people are you and me. People who get up every day and go to work. Who sit down at a desk and make money for someone else. They didn't wake up September 11, 2001 and say "I want to be a hero today". They are not heroes. They are victims. Tragically and senselessly slaughtered. They are just people that made the decision to go to work one day never knowing it would be their last. They are you and me.

Martin Jones said...

What a great summary.

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